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    Boutique Technology Distributor

Size matters

Eurosimm is a boutique technology distributor.


Originally French for ‘small shop’, the term boutique is now synonymous with a service that has the personal touch that anticipates the needs of its clients and makes them the priority. Boutique operators offer an unrivalled attention to detail, a level of sophistication and they make the very deliberate decision to prioritise specialism over scale.

Boutique service is what the modern consumer has come to expect, and that’s what Eurosimm offers.

Fast on our feet, Eurosimm are the first to seize new opportunities from around the globe and the quickest to adapt to emerging markets not just in the UK, but in over 50 countries across the globe.

We stay selective and sharp-eyed, sourcing only the elite and innovative products that make us excited. Some of them are household names, some of them soon will be, but all of them are contemporary, cutting edge and of exceptional quality.

Then we contribute to the product journey, often managing the brand introduction to the UK, defining the market – not chasing it. Eurosimm have over 80% repeated custom because we work alongside our resellers as highly qualified consultants, not indiscriminate IT hawkers.

Fully accredited yet of completely independent status, Eurosimm have the skills to accompany the service we offer. So size does matter and whilst other distributors may be bigger, Eurosimm knows better.

  • Eurosimm – your boutique technology distributor.

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